Plumbing Customers Needing Better Visuals

So today I did an interesting photo shoot for a client of mine down in Texas. This client was needing specific photos and detailed imagery of pipes, construction and workflow of how this company works. They found using the photos to display to customers to give them a better visual of the problem and task they were facing with the job. This is a plumbing company and they focus on a lot of residential and commercial plumbing issues across the city.The grand prairie plumbers of the city. This is their logo. They called me up on eating photos taken and after getting some detailed information about the job and then was on my way to fly into Dallas Texas. I’ve been out to the city many times before. It’s a great city with bipolar weather as they call it. Sometimes it’s hot sometimes it’s cold and the weather can switch from one day to the next. You can check out some of the photos for this client I shop for in the photo section of the website. John, the CEO of the company labels it’s business as the Grand Prairie Texas plumbers. these guys know their stuff. They specialize in all sorts of plumbing issues such as drain cleaning, slab leak repairs and water heater replacements.

The problem they were having with their own customers were having them to understand and visually see the problem. Because these customers aren’t plumbers they don’t understand what a certain pipe, break or bust looks like. I would come in and take these very detailed photos of the problem. John within print these photos out in a portfolio and when it would come time to show a customer a specific problem they’re having they could easily show them with the photos. We’ll be back next week with more updated images and additional client work.

Smile! Say Dog… I Mean Cheese!

I recently was hired to take on a photo shoot of different dogs for a new pet related product company called MuscleBully for Dogs. This company sells supplements for pit bull dogs and american bully dogs. These supplements help your dog grow more muscle. Why would a dog need more muscle? I was curious too. Stan Smith from Muscle Bully told me many of these dog owners compete in competitions and shows. They do sports training that require a lot of extra strength and muscles the dogs need to win.

dogAh I get it now. Just like human athletes we take supplements for that extra boost in power, energy and strength we need to win. The same goes for these dogs. That extra second is the different between winning and losing.

Anyway I want to thank Stan and MuscleBully for allowing me to shoot photos for their product. Ill post photos below of the actual products I shoot for them. Including a few dog photos that were extremely in shape. In fact way better and healthier than me! Enjoy your day and for those interested in a photo shot contact me today.

Are you needing a trusted designer?

I was in need of a skilled graphic designer to design some work for me. I had some logos, web banner and graphics I needed done for my business.  The other day when searching online I ran across this guy called mixtape mike. He’s a graphic designer that’s a beast on Photoshop. He ended up creating some hot graphics for me. I just had to give him a shout out on my blog here for others to check out. This graphic designers knows his shit.  His company is called mixtape master. He’s one of the top mixtape cover designers online in addition to designing logos, flyers and web graphics. Check him out and let him know Sanchez sent you.

The Water Damage DFW Experts Client

water damage pros

I picked up a new client today!Ah I love my work. Commercial photography is fun because the clients I have are always new and different. I work with clients from every type of business their is out there. Shooting for these clients are fun. When my phone rings I know it’s a new client ready to hire me for some beautiful photography.

WaterDamageDFW experts called me. They found me online. The WDDFW experts specialize in removing water (water extraction) from your home or a dallas water damage restoration company. Picture an overflown toilet or sink. We’ve all had them happen once in life…. we’ll multiple that times 100! Extreme water damage that you just can’t handle yourself. They are expert plumbers. The water damage is just to much for you to even clean up yourself.

That’s where these guys come in. They use professional equipment to help remove, dry and restore your home back to how it was. The Waxahachie plumbers Water damage from what they tell me can ruin your home and cause mold growth which at that state will hurt your own body especially those with asthma .

The water damage experts need me to professionally shoot a before and after home that was hit by water damage for an upcoming campaign they were going to be creating on both print, online and TV.  I will be showing the work soon on this job.

New Photography & Open Time Slots

Today I got a call from a popular news website that found me online. They were needing a commercial photographer to shoot some local footage and photos of the new architectural building they were putting up in my city.  this architect apparently has put up and designed hundreds of buildings in my downtown city area.  I felt a little embarrassed by not knowing the name of the company or the guy but I was able to play it off.

I of course accepted the job after discussion and terms on what exactly they were needing and what I needed to get started on it.  Commercial photography architectural designs are all about angles, certain lighting  and capturing the overall creation and structure of the building.  I had no doubt in my mind I could create and capture the vision they were seeking. Be on the lookout for my photography and work from this job on the New York Times and possibly CNN.

Toward the end of the year commercial jobs become slower. I have lowered my photography pricing in the last quarter by 20%. For any businesses in my area please contact me for any commercial photography work, or even personal work.

New Clients: DallasPrintHQ & Shabby Dallas

I want to give all of my readers a quick glance on my upcoming projects Im working on this coming week. I will be super busy shooting for different clients around the city. Today I few to Dallas, Texas. Home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers for all of my sports fans.   The first client DallasPrintHQ is a printing company in Dallas that recently started there. They are a print company that prints tons of promotional items, business cards, flyers, brochures and more. They’ve seen my work and loved it. They want me to capture the quality of there print plus their facility so they could use them at there office.

Another client I booked the next day also in the Dallas Texas area is a company called Dallas Sheek. This company sells shabby chic furniture such as chairs, tables, and antiques. There items are one of a kind. If you aren’t aware what shabby chic is, it’s a style of distressing furniture to create an antique aged look.  Here’s a video below of some.  This client was needing photos of all of their items. Different sizes and techniques I had to use when shooting these items. – I will be back in my office to retouch my photos and display them on my portfolio page. Stay tuned and if you are needing a professional photographer to shoot your photos, please contact me.

Swing Out Lessons Photography

GTD offers swing out lessons in dallasAdrian Carlson, a dance teacher/instructor came to me for some commercial photography work you need it for his own marketing and promotional tools. Adrian, the owner of groove theory Dallas offers swing out, Steppin, choreography, and private lessons for learning how to dance in the Dallas area.

Adrian was needing me to capture action shots of the students when dancing. These photographs used to be professional and capture the right moment of his dancing students. Group theory Dallas has over 50 students that hire him for dancing. Many of his clients are upscale professionals in the North Dallas area so his image needed to be just right in order to capture the market he was after.

I posted one photograph shot above which Adrian allowed me to use to display on my website to show my work I did for him. The rest of the photos and images can be seen on his website. He also was needing a videographer to shoot in film classes of his swing out dancing lessons in Dallas, Texas class in which I was able to assist him also.

Mike Sanchez thinks groove theory Dallas and Adrian Carlson for hiring me and giving me the opportunity to shoot and capture his swingout classes

Welcome to Mike Sanchez Photography

Mike sanchez photography in LA

My name is Mike Sanchez. I have been a professional commercial photographer since 1992. We are based in Los Angeles California. I started my career in commercial photography after graduating from school. Over the years I’ve evolved from film to digital photography. 

I have an eye for the type of photos my clients want. Make sure you check out my portfolio here of my work.  Below you will find all of my latest clients work I’ve shoot for in the past. If you wish to hire me for any photography work, please contact me here. I will give you an estimate on my services.  Please give details on what exactly you need me to photograph.  A few of my clients are schools, real estate, commercial businesses and interior designs.