New Photography & Open Time Slots

Today I got a call from a popular news website that found me online. They were needing a commercial photographer to shoot some local footage and photos of the new architectural building they were putting up in my city.  this architect apparently has put up and designed hundreds of buildings in my downtown city area.  I felt a little embarrassed by not knowing the name of the company or the guy but I was able to play it off.

I of course accepted the job after discussion and terms on what exactly they were needing and what I needed to get started on it.  Commercial photography architectural designs are all about angles, certain lighting  and capturing the overall creation and structure of the building.  I had no doubt in my mind I could create and capture the vision they were seeking. Be on the lookout for my photography and work from this job on the New York Times and possibly CNN.

Toward the end of the year commercial jobs become slower. I have lowered my photography pricing in the last quarter by 20%. For any businesses in my area please contact me for any commercial photography work, or even personal work.