Plumbing Customers Needing Better Visuals

So today I did an interesting photo shoot for a client of mine down in Texas. This client was needing specific photos and detailed imagery of pipes, construction and workflow of how this company works. They found using the photos to display to customers to give them a better visual of the problem and task they were facing with the job. This is a plumbing company and they focus on a lot of residential and commercial plumbing issues across the city.The grand prairie plumbers of the city. This is their logo. They called me up on eating photos taken and after getting some detailed information about the job and then was on my way to fly into Dallas Texas. I’ve been out to the city many times before. It’s a great city with bipolar weather as they call it. Sometimes it’s hot sometimes it’s cold and the weather can switch from one day to the next. You can check out some of the photos for this client I shop for in the photo section of the website. John, the CEO of the company labels it’s business as the Grand Prairie Texas plumbers. these guys know their stuff. They specialize in all sorts of plumbing issues such as drain cleaning, slab leak repairs and water heater replacements.

The problem they were having with their own customers were having them to understand and visually see the problem. Because these customers aren’t plumbers they don’t understand what a certain pipe, break or bust looks like. I would come in and take these very detailed photos of the problem. John within print these photos out in a portfolio and when it would come time to show a customer a specific problem they’re having they could easily show them with the photos. We’ll be back next week with more updated images and additional client work.