Smile! Say Dog… I Mean Cheese!

I recently was hired to take on a photo shoot of different dogs for a new pet related product company called MuscleBully for Dogs. This company sells supplements for pit bull dogs and american bully dogs. These supplements help your dog grow more muscle. Why would a dog need more muscle? I was curious too. Stan Smith from Muscle Bully told me many of these dog owners compete in competitions and shows. They do sports training that require a lot of extra strength and muscles the dogs need to win.

dogAh I get it now. Just like human athletes we take supplements for that extra boost in power, energy and strength we need to win. The same goes for these dogs. That extra second is the different between winning and losing.

Anyway I want to thank Stan and MuscleBully for allowing me to shoot photos for their product. Ill post photos below of the actual products I shoot for them. Including a few dog photos that were extremely in shape. In fact way better and healthier than me! Enjoy your day and for those interested in a photo shot contact me today.