Swing Out Lessons Photography

GTD offers swing out lessons in dallasAdrian Carlson, a dance teacher/instructor came to me for some commercial photography work you need it for his own marketing and promotional tools. Adrian, the owner of groove theory Dallas offers swing out, Steppin, choreography, and private lessons for learning how to dance in the Dallas area.

Adrian was needing me to capture action shots of the students when dancing. These photographs used to be professional and capture the right moment of his dancing students. Group theory Dallas has over 50 students that hire him for dancing. Many of his clients are upscale professionals in the North Dallas area so his image needed to be just right in order to capture the market he was after.

I posted one photograph shot above which Adrian allowed me to use to display on my website to show my work I did for him. The rest of the photos and images can be seen on his website. He also was needing a videographer to shoot in film classes of his swing out dancing lessons in Dallas, Texas class in which I was able to assist him also.

Mike Sanchez thinks groove theory Dallas and Adrian Carlson for hiring me and giving me the opportunity to shoot and capture his swingout classes